EmPower Up Networking for Women

EmPowerUp Networking for Women Workshops


EmPowerUp Networking for Women Workshops are all about education, enlightenment, and the exciting exchange of ideas with a community of women committed to creating successful partnerships and building thriving businesses.

We help women entrepreneurs become successful by providing them with the training, connections, and support they need to build profitable sustainable businesses.

EmPowerUp Networking for Women Workshops include:

    • How to Create Powerful Positioning: What you need to know to stand out from the crowd and profit from your gifts, the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW to do it!
    • Attract More to Earn More$$$
    • Jumpstart Your Networking
    • The ABC’s of Marketing 2.0: What You Must Know To Succeed in 2016
    • It’s All About IMPACT: 7 Steps to Increasing Your Credibility, Community & Cash Flow

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