The Not So Exact Science Of Social Media Outreach

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the-not-so-exact-science-of social-media-outreach

How would you like to delve into the not so exact science of social media outreach? When is the best time to post, pin, or tweet on social? What time is the best time? Does it matter? Depending upon what platform you use, each of the above questions will yield a different answer. Oh and did I forget to mention, what does your audience want?

The good folks over at SurePayroll created an infographic to help you get the answers you seek. The infographic provides you with some interesting user statistics as well as the best and worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+. My best piece of advice is to resist the temptation that you have to be on all of them. Go to where your audience hangs out, start experimenting, see how your audience responds, and enjoy the process. 

Print it, pin it, bookmark it, but whatever you do … use it.

Courtesy of: SurePayroll


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