Coaching Visionary Leaders… How can I support you?

Successful business owners are competent, confident, & empowered business owners. Too many women in business remain unfulfilled. They fear stepping into their personal power and doing the work that only they can do to actualize their dreams and impact those they are meant to serve.

When I meet someone interested in coaching, I want to know about their dreams and aspirations.  I help them to dream bigger, a Big Hairy Audacious Future, than they’ve ever dreamed before. Then, I help them see a way that they can indeed create that future for themselves.

Nobody said that change has to be slow or even hard. To live an exponential life, you have to be willing to do things differently and be open to the possibility that everything you want is closer than you think.

When you’re ready to play full out, here are some ways I can support you:

SWAGGER Business Coaching is one-on-one coaching for small business owners committed to elevating themselves and their business. 

I only work with entrepreneurs who say what they are going to do and follow through. You must be willing to move through the “stuff” and confront the “stories” that stand in your way of who you want to be, what you want to have, and what you want to do. Commitment is a prerequisite to working with me.

As your coach, I support you in creating what you want most.  I’m inspired by my clients’ dreams and deep desires. I am committed to helping you get crystal clear on exactly who you are, what you really want, why you really want it, and a plan along with the tools and capabilities to get it done. I partner with my clients and support them every step of the way. It’s not a quick fix.

An Invitation:

Are you ready to elevate? Are you willing to do the work that must be done? Are you ready to invest your energy, your time, and your money into creating something lasting and powerful? 

If so, then I invite you to choose between three one-on-one coaching options. I work with a limited number of clients and this is how I can support you:

One Day SWAGGER Coaching Intensive           

> Investment is $5,000: In-person only. Full day with meals provided. <

Four Week SWAGGER Coaching Intensive

> Investment is $1,200: Four (4) weekly sessions (30 minutes each) <

Three Month SWAGGER Coaching Intensive

> Investment is $2,550: Six (6) bi-weekly sessions (40 minutes each) <

All three intensives are completely customized for you. (no cookie-cutter or one size fits all) We will either meet in person or via conference. It’s all about creating powerful results. 

Some of my clients have had me conduct a review of their vision, business model, business strategy, value proposition, sales, marketing, and client retention systems, and how much time they spend in and on their business. 

While others required focus on their actions, milestones, skills, and mindset shifts required to accomplish their goals. As a result, they had more clarity, a prioritized and specific action plan, and the confidence to execute it.

Some of my clients have specific marketing challenges: their positioning, client personas, email marketing campaigns, video marketing, list building, webinars, product mix, presentations, and referral programs. 

How can I support you?

When you are ready we will talk. 

contact me for a powerful conversation